1. No child shall be left unattended at any time.
  2. Your child must be attended while entering and leaving the building. Children must never be let out at the outside door to walk into the preschool alone. The parent or guardian must accompany the child to the classroom door.
  3. At dismissal time the children will remain in the classroom until the parent or other prearranged adult arrives to pick up the child. One teacher shall stand at the entrance to the building to ensure every child leaves with an appropriate adult.
  4. Children will be released only to those individuals named on the enrollment form unless written instructions signed and dated have been given to the teacher ahead of time. Staff members reserve the right to ask for identification of any person other than the parent who is picking the child up form school.
  5. No aerosol sprays will be used while the children are in attendance at the preschool.
  6. Equipment and materials in the classrooms that become damaged and pose a physical danger to the children shall be immediately removed until repaired or replaced.
  7. A plan is posted in the classroom, which explains actions to be taken and staff responsibilities in case of fire emergency and weather alerts.
  8. All members of the staff shall be trained in child abuse recognition and rare required by law to report any suspected case of child abuse. All staff members are also trained in first aid, CPR and communicable diseases and recertified as the state requires.
  9. All staff members have immediate access at all times to a working phone. Emergency phone numbers are posted in each classroom and by the phone. Local ambulance service will be summoned should an accident requiring treatment arise and the parent will be immediately contacted.
  10. Should an accident occur in which a child is injured, the teacher in charge shall prepare an incident report and it shall be signed by the teacher, administrator, ad parent or parent representative. A copy of the report will be given to the parent. In the case of a general injury, a teacher would administer first aid and notify the parent. In the case of a serious accident, 911 will be called and a parent will be notified. Little People will not transport any child.
  11. The preschool is fully equipped with a first-aid kit located in the storage room.
  12. We are required by law to conduct monthly fire and evacuation drills, conducted at varying times each month. A record of drills will be kept in the classroom.
  13. If evacuation of the building is required, the staff will take the children to the far end of the parking lot and take shelter in the pavilion.



A plan for safety whenever the children are on field trips includes the following:

  1. A first-aid kit will accompany the class.
  2. A person trained in first aid, communicable diseases and CPR shall be available on the trip.
  3. Each child will be accompanied and transported by a parent or guardian and they will remain responsible for their child.
  4. If a parent or guardian is unable to attend, the parent may make arrangements with another parent for their child to attend, but this arrangement is at the discretion of the parent, and the person assigned responsibility will be responsible for that child.
  5. The staff of Little People Preschool will not be responsible for any child while attending field trips.


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