Should a parent need assistance with problems or complaints related to the child’s class or program, the following procedures must be followed:

  1. If the problem or complaint is one involving another child, class teacher, or other class situation that warrants the Head Teacher’s assistance, then the parent should speak directly with the Head Teacher.
  2. Should there be an inability to solve the problem with the teacher, then the parent should bring the unresolved matter to the attention of the Director.

Please bring concerns up when they occur. Often they can be addressed when they are little problems, before they grow into bigger problems.

If teachers should have a complaint, they should follow these procedures:

  1. Meet with the Director to discuss the issue. Document that initial meeting and both the Teacher and Director should sign the document.
  2. If no resolution, meet with the Director and the Owners on that issue. Document that meeting. All parties sign the document.
  3. Documents will be kept in the employees file.


The Director is available to schedule a time throughout the school day to assist you with needs. Please make arrangements to meet and discuss these needs

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