1. A teacher shall greet each child as he/she enters the classroom to check for signs of communicable diseases.
  2. If a child is suspected of having a communicable disease, the school shall immediately notify the parent or guardian of the child’s condition when a child has been observed with signs or symptoms.
  3. A child with symptoms of illness will be isolated from other children for the following reasons:
  • *Temperature of 100 degrees F-in combination with any other signs of illness
  • *Diarrhea (more than three abnormally loose stool within a 24 hour period).
  • *Severe coughing (causing the child to become red in the face or to make a whooping sound)
  • *Difficult or rapid breathing
  • *Yellowish skin or eyes
  • *Redness of the eye, obvious discharge, matted eyelashes, burning, itching
  • *Untreated skin patches, unusual spots or rashes
  • *Unusually dark urine or gray or white stools
  • *Stiff neck with an elevated temperature
  • *Evidence of untreated lice, scabies or other parasitic infestation
  • *Vomiting or when accompanied by any other sign of illness
  • *Sore throat or difficulty swallowin

4.   When a child displays symptoms of illness, he/she will be removed from the other children and will be allowed to rest on a cot until the parent arrives. The child will be attended by the Director or teacher and will never be left unattended

5.  Mildly will cases, which are not as severs, as outlined above shall also be brought to the parent’s attention. An example would be cold symptoms. The child will be allowed to rest as needed and observed closely to see if other symptoms appear.

6.  If a child shows any signs of illness it is the responsibility of the parent to retain the child at home until symptoms have cleared. The parent shall notify the school should the child be ill and cannot be present for class.

7.  A child may be readmitted to preschool under the following conditions:

  • *Child’s temperature has returned to normal for 24 hours
  • *No vomiting or diarrhea for 24 hours
  • *Child is free of any skin rash
  • *Child has been properly treated for lice infestation
  1. It is the preschool’s policy not to administer any medication. In extreme cases the parent will have the child’s doctor complete, sign and date a Medical Plan form that will allow staff to assist in medication administration if in life threatening situations. This form should be submitted to the administrator.
  2. Parents will be notified of any communicable disease by either a letter being sent home or notification posted on the door.
  3. Should a staff member become ill, she will be replaced by a qualified substitute.
  4. All staff members will be trained in Recognition of Communicable Disease and First Aid. All staff members are trained by the Department of Health in hand washing procedures and disinfection procedures.
  5. The Child Day Care Communicable Disease Chart issued by the Department of Health is posted in Classroom 1 for reference.
  6. This written policy for the management of communicable disease is available to all parents or guardians of children enrolled in the school.


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