The children choose from a variety of activities in the following Learning Centers: Creative Art, Writing, Blocks, Dramatic Play, Science, Library and Manipulatives. These experiences aid in the development of problem solving techniques, creative expression, and social interaction skills.  Pre-math and pre-reading skills are explored and developed in these centers.  This is an important part of our day as the children exercise freedom of choice, spend as much time as needed on a task they enjoy and develop their critical thinking skills.



During this time the children do the calendar and weather, name the day’s leader and have a story.  This time together develops listening skills, attention span, increases vocabulary, and enhances the imagination and a love for reading is encouraged.



The children move to the large motor room where they can freely exercise their big and small muscles.  Activities include a climber, balls, large floor blocks, parachute, dramatic play, relays, group games and more.  This is a wonderful time for socialization and coordination/strength development.  We sing to records, create a marching bank, and enjoy movement with the music.  There is no outdoor play.



The children return to their classroom and the leader from the last day of class shares 2 special items from home.  Vocabulary, self-confidence, and self-esteem are boosted through this simple activity.  A pre-packaged snack is then shared with the class.  The children count out their snack, pass the tray to the next person, and the Pre-K and Transitional Kindergarten classes pour their own drink.  All children tuck in their chair, throw their trash away, and sponge their part of the table.



Gathering one last time, the children sing songs and recap the day’s activities.  Finger plays are used throughout our day, during times of transition, and moments when we need to settle down and focus.



Show and tell is a special time at Little People Preschool. When it is your child’s turn to be leader, he or she will bring home a leader bag and return to school with 2 items to share as well as a PREPACKAGED, UNOPENED SNACK AND DRINK for the class. We do ask that they choose items for show and tell that do not include swords, guns, or weapons of any kind. Please no pets due to allergies. Should the leader bag become lost there will be a $10.00 charge for its replacement.



PLEASE NOTE THAT LITTLE PEOPLE PRESCHOOL IS A NUT FREE SCHOOL. Carefully read labels for manufacturing and contents.

Parents shall provide a PRE-PACKAGED, UNOPENED SNACK AND DRINK on the day of the child’s how and tell. These snacks do not have to be individually wrapped. Suggested snacks include pretzels, crackers, fruit snacks and other easy to count out snacks (please no cake like items). The children do serve themselves. Please provide all items needed to serve the snack (cups, spoons, etc.) The only exception to pre-packaged snacks is for treats on party days. In the event a student does not have a snack, a snack will be provided to the student. A snack shall provide nutritional value in addition to calories and contain at least one food from two of the four basic food groups (meat/meat alternative, bread/grains, fruit/vegetable, milk) Examples of foods provided include, but are not limited to pretzels, crackers, and fruit snacks. Only one hundred percent, undiluted fruit or vegetable juice shall meet the fruit or vegetable requirement.



You are welcome to send in a treat for your child’s birthday. Please do not send in homemade items.



Parents are required to bring their children into the classroom and to sign the child in on the clipboard by the door. Any special messages, special pick-up notes, etc. are to be given to the teacher. Children may not be dropped off at the entrance of the building or be sent inside alone. Staff must be made aware of each child’s presence before the parent departs. Likewise, the child must be signed out at the conclusion of class each day. Staff will release children only to persons on the release form provided by the parent. This is to help ensure the utmost safety for the children. Any unfamiliar person picking up a child will be asked for a photo ID.



Please contact the school (330-854-1025) and call your child off when your child is ill or will not be there for the day. Please call to inform staff when your child has a communicable disease (Example: Pink Eye, Strep throat, Chicken Pox). Ohio Department of Job and Family Services required notification to parents when children have been exposed.



If there are custody issues involved with your child, you must provide the center with court papers indicating who has permission to pick up the child, this documentation will be kept of file. The center may not deny a parent access to their child without proper documentation.



Little People Preschool follows the Northwest Local School District’s calendar regarding holidays, vacation, and days off. Please note that Little People does take additional days at the beginning and end of the school year that the Northwest Local School does not take. The center will make a calendar available to all parents and/or guardians.



The center will be closed for inclement weather when the Northwest Local School District announces they are closed.


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