3’s Program Position Statement

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The main focus of our 3’s program is socialization and fostering independence. This is achieved by providing nurturing teachers who first build a relationship with the child, model appropriate behavior and language skills for the child, and provide age appropriate materials and activities which promote exploration and successful experiences, therefore increasing growth, development, and self-esteem.

The three year old is discovering that he is an individual – separate from his parent. He is beginning to understand there is a whole other world outside the security of his home. He is realizing that his actions bring results. The three year old is learning independence and how to make choices. He is also finding out that it is more fun to play with a friend; therefore he experiments with involving others in his play experiences.

We aim to model and teach the three-year-old appropriate means of dealing with anger, hurt feelings, and frustrations. Likewise, we teach her how to show respect and kindness to those around her. We teach the three year old to be responsible, cleaning up after snack, putting toys away when she is done with them, and apologizing when she may have hurt a friend’s feelings. We want the child to feel secure, accepted and competent.

The following is a list of objectives for our 3’s program:

• learn to trust adults outside of parents
• learn to respect the rights and property of others
• learn appropriate means of communicating needs and feelings
• learn choice making – freedom to choose activities and explore at own pace
• learn responsibility for own actions and care for the materials and classroom environment
• learn cooperation and taking turns
• gain self-confidence
• gain self-esteem
• learn to build friendships
• enjoy art experiences which allow for creativity and skill development
• develop attention span
• develop a love and enjoyment for good books
• learn basic colors
• learn basic shapes
• recognize name and begin learning to write name
• begin realizing letters and words have purpose and meaning
• learn to count
• increase in physical strength and coordination
• learn how to problem-solve

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